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France swift codes - France bic bank codes

Those users who already work with services of SWIFTNet (for example Equiry Link RTGS plus) can use available connection and the program interface for access both to the specified services and to FIN service. Way to the further perfection and decrease in expenses SWIFTNet FIN gives access to FIN service by means of SWIFTNet using IP connections. Infrastructure of SWIFTNet includes a set of completely administered services of safety of the information constructed on the basis of technology PKI. Daily more than one million transactions about remittances interbank payments securities comes through SWIFT . Also it is known as SWIFT-BIC (English Business Identifier Codes) BIC code SWIFT ID or SWIFT code. The integrated package of administered services of transfer of the formalized messages Connection of new users occurs every month. Usage of CBT of the head financial organisation in the divided mode (Shared Connection) or connection through the Service bureau.

  • Rennes Bail Entreprises Societe PAR Actions Simplifiee BAEPFR21XXX
  • Lille Bail Immo Nord SA BIIOFR21XXX
  • Paris Bail Investissement BAVNFRP1XXX
  • Paris Balzac Short Term Euro Sicav BAHTFRP1XXX
  • Nice Banca Carige SPA CRGEFR2XXXX
  • Lyon Banca Popolare DI Bergamo Credito Varesino BEPOFR21XXX
  • Nice Banca Regionale Europea S P A BREUFR22XXX