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France swift codes - France bic bank codes

To large corporations besides traditional advantages of SWIFT (reliability speed safety and financial responsibility) usage of the given service allows to apply a principle of "a unite window at work with several banks. One SWIFT terminal established at the client is used for an exchange of internal and international messages with all serving banks. There are two schemes of connection to SWIFT network: own connection and collective. Theoretically for payment fulfilment in Europe it is enough to know a SWIFT code of a bank and IBAN code of the addressee. For reduction of cost of connection and the costs connected both with a technical aspect and with management of SWIFT complex Service bureaus will be organised in the countries . Besides SWIFTNet FIN assumes development of FIN functionality at the expense of use of standard qualities of SWIFTNet. The further development will be received by existing means of safety FIN (SLS/BKE/Card Readers) which will be replaced by standard means SWIFTNet PKI. SWIFT - the co-operative society created under the Belgian legislation belongs to its members - more than to 9000 banks from 209 countries (2010). The Service bureau has no right to send and receive SWIFT-message on behalf of its own so that excludes a competition with the financial organisations.

  • Paris Banco Santander S A BSCHFRPPXXX
  • Paris Bank Audi Saradar France AUDIFRPPXXX
  • Paris Bank Melli Iran MELIFRPPXXX
  • Paris Bank of America N A Paris BOFAFRPPXXX
  • Paris Bank of China Paris Branch BKCHFRPPXXX
  • Paris Bank of China Paris Branch BKCHFRPP013
  • Paris Bank of India BKIDFRPPXXX