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France swift codes - France bic bank codes

FIN is basic service SWIFT for message transfer. Over 7 500 financial institutions more than in 200 countries use FIN for the protected exchange of the financial information reliable and economically effective. Scheme of Shared Connection is developed by SWIFT for connection of affiliated organisations by parent organisation though it can be used by the foreign financial organisations. Connection process to the SWIFT network consists of two stages: The introduction of the financial organisation into SWIFT SCRL associates (registration of a package of documents and its sending in SWIFT) 1. Filling and sending an opening statement to SWIFT (SWIFT Undertaking). 2. Filling of introductory documents in the electronic form (the contract on the software forms of the order of the equipment of safety etc.). 3. Sending of confirmation of readiness of bank in SWIFT (Readiness Confirmation). The main office is located in Brussels. Connection to SWIFTNet FIN opens a way to use of advantages of other possibilities: such for example as control facilities of a network SLA and the improved support services. This is an effective decision which allows to focus financial streams. Thus CBT the user is physically connected to the SWIFT network and is completely served by employees of the organisation. Message transmission services SWIFTNet offer protected interactive (in a real time mode) exchange of messages the file transfer mechanism and the mechanism of interactive access to the data (browsing) based on use of SWIFTNet Link (SNL) and SWIFTNet Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) - the necesary for safety SWIFT software.

  • Paris Bankers Trust France SA BKTFFRP1XXX
  • Bayonne Bankoa SA BKOAFR21XXX
  • Croix Banque Accord Societe Anonyme BACCFRP1XXX
  • Paris Banque AIG Paris Head Office AIGAFRPPXXX
  • Neuilly SUR Seine Banque Alcyon ALCYFR21XXX
  • Paris Banque Arjil ET Compagnie ARJBFRP1XXX
  • Nimes Banque Arnaud Gaidan ARNGFR21XXX