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France Paris LA Defense swift codes - France Paris LA Defense bic bank codes
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France Paris LA Defense swift codes - France Paris LA Defense bic bank codes

SWIFT - the co-operative society created under the Belgian legislation belongs to its members - more than to 9000 banks from 209 countries (2010). To large corporations besides traditional advantages of SWIFT (reliability speed safety and financial responsibility) usage of the given service allows to apply a principle of "a unite window at work with several banks. The Service bureau has no right to send and receive SWIFT-message on behalf of its own so that excludes a competition with the financial organisations. Creation of hardware-software complex of SWIFT in the financial organisation and its direct connection to system SWIFT. This system will allow the users working only with FIN to move to the category of those who already has access to SWIFTNet and is familiar with new technologies and products that considerably facilitates their connection to additional services of SWIFTNet in the future; Message transmission services SWIFTNet offer protected interactive (in a real time mode) exchange of messages the file transfer mechanism and the mechanism of interactive access to the data (browsing) based on use of SWIFTNet Link (SNL) and SWIFTNet Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) - the necesary for safety SWIFT software.

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