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France Perigueux swift codes - France Perigueux bic bank codes
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France Perigueux swift codes - France Perigueux bic bank codes

This is an effective decision which allows to focus financial streams. In 2000 by means of FIN it was transferred over 1.2 billion messages. Daily over 9 million messages is transferred. All procedure of the introduction of the user in SWIFT takes not less than 2 months at collective and not less than four months at own connection. To large corporations besides traditional advantages of SWIFT (reliability speed safety and financial responsibility) usage of the given service allows to apply a principle of "a unite window at work with several banks. Special service of SWIFT - MACUG (Member Administered Closed User Group - the Closed group of users under the direction of Member of SWIFT) was created for this purpose. Thus CBT the user is physically connected to the SWIFT network and is completely served by employees of the organisation.

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