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France Roissy EN France swift codes - France Roissy EN France bic bank codes

Realisation of SWIFTNet FIN is an investment into the future which offers the full integrated package of operated transmission media of the formalized messages for the industry of financial services: This system will allow the users working only with FIN to move to the category of those who already has access to SWIFTNet and is familiar with new technologies and products that considerably facilitates their connection to additional services of SWIFTNet in the future; Scheme of Shared Connection is developed by SWIFT for connection of affiliated organisations by parent organisation though it can be used by the foreign financial organisations. In this case the connecting organisation bears full responsibility before SWIFT for the organisation of safe work of the connected User. Special service of SWIFT - MACUG (Member Administered Closed User Group - the Closed group of users under the direction of Member of SWIFT) was created for this purpose. The given service allows the financial organisations to connect to the SWIFT network of the big clients correspondents branches and affiliated structures and also to establish for them rules of realisation of calculations.

  • Roissy EN France HSBC France BPICFR21023
  • Roissy EN France Natixis Formerly Natexis Banques Populaires CCBPFRPP903